The Enterprise


Norway Hyspex is a pioneer and leader in the field of hyperspectral imaging equipment, and its hyperspectral imager can meet the needs of different users from the field, airborne to laboratory and industrial fields. HySpex hyperspectral imager was designed for imaging studies of national defense and space applications in 1995. After 20 years of continuous efforts, Hyspex has made great progress in the field of hyperspectral imaging applications. The successful installation of implementation of a number of large international research institutions such as procurement projects, the European Space Agency (ESA), NASA (NASA), the European Defence Agency (EDA), the French National Aerospace Research Center (ONERA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In recent years, NEO company has continuously invested funds to increase the R & D efforts of HySpex hyperspectral cameras, and continuously improve the performance and reliability of imaging spectrometers, providing new solutions and expanding new applications. New type Hyspex products with better performance and more reliable operation are being introduced.